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It will take 1 or 1½ hours to charge the camera in full. Even with the GPS on, you can take photos for around 8 hours (approx. 4,000 photos). If you make videos alone, the battery will last 1 or 1½ hours.
Press the power button once. The LED will go on with a beeping sound. Different LED colors mean different battery levels. The green LED means the battery charge is greater than 70%. The orange LED means the battery charge is 30-70%. The red LED means the battery charge is below 20%, and it needs to be recharged soon. You can see the battery status on the mobile app too. Once your camera is connected to your phone, a battery icon appears with the remaining battery charge percentage at the top of the app.
Yes, you can. If you do not want your camera to take photos while charging, turn off the camera before plugging in.
You can select the image resolution in the camera settings. To see photos alone on your phone, you may choose the lower resolution: 2 megapixels (1600 X 1200). If you need a higher resolution, you can select 8 megapixels (3264 X 2448) by clicking on the image resolution area. The video recording’s resolution is 720 p (1280 X 720HD), and the frame rate is 30 frames per second. The video format is MP4, and you can save and share the videos without any additional encoding.
The most important issue concerning the wearable camera is reducing movement to get clearer pictures. If you clip it onto a surface with much movement, the photos will be very blurry. However, if you clip it onto a firm surface with less movement, the image quality will be satisfactory. The shutter speed is pre-set at “auto exposure,” and the F value is 2.2. You can see more photos and videos taken with the MEWECLIP camera on our Facebook page
You cannot take pictures with the MeWe clip in the water. Its waterproof level is same as that of a typical smartphone. However, you can put the camera in a waterproof case like your phone.
During video shooting, an LED blinks. When you start the video recording, you will hear a beeping sound and see the LED blinking. The LED will continue to blink during the shooting. Similarly, when you start manual photo shooting, you will hear the beeping sound and see the LED blink. However, if you take photos automatically at pre-set time intervals, there will be no sound or LED.
You cannot use an SD card. There is no SD card slot, and the camera has 4 GB of built-in internal storage. However, when you send the photos from the camera to the phone, they are all transferred to your phone. After transmission, the photos in the camera are deleted automatically, and you can use the 4 GB of storage again. Also, you can upload photos from your phone to the cloud server. We give users 10 GB of free storage in the Amazon cloud.
You cannot take new photos anymore. The photos you have already taken cannot be deleted. However, don’t worry too much. You have to take 3,000-4,000 photos to fill your storage. You can transfer the photos before the camera storage reaches the “full” setting.
For automatic photo shooting, the only thing you have to do is set the photo shooting interval in the camera settings. Go to the MEWEclip mobile app and open the “settings” page. The shooting intervals are 1 min, 3 min, and 5 min at the moment. Once you finish setting the interval, you do not need to engage in any other action to take photos. Try to clip the camera onto a surface with no movement, and that’s it.

For manual photo shotting, tap the side or front of the camera twice, and you will see an orange LED blinking. Afterwards, the camera will take a photo.

If you shake the camera, It will take blurry photos like any other camera. To get clear, satisfactory photos, you need to put the camera on a surface with little movement. After numerous tests, we have found that clipping it to the strap of a backpack instead of the collar of your clothing gives you quite clear photos. If you are not planning to move around, please use the cradle we provide in the box.
Yes, you can make videos using it. Click the power button twice, and the camera will start to film with the LED blinking and the beeping sound. During filming, the LED will remain on. We recommend that you make short videos (3-minutes long or less) to send and share the contents without any additional encoding. If you make videos that are longer than 3 minutes in duration, you should save them in your computer by using our PC uploader (which you can download from our web page, www.meweclip.com. You can set the duration of the videos, but you can also stop the filming any time you want by clicking the power button once.
You can check your photos on your smartphone within a minute. To test this, try taking several photos then check them on your phone to adjust the angle and direction.
There is a power button on the side of the camera. To take portrait photos, clip the camera with your power button in the vertical plane ( l ). To take landscape photos, clip the camera with your power button in the horizontal plane ( ㅡ ).

1. iOS – iPhone

OS : Minimum 9.X or later / Recommended 10.X or later Model : iPhone 6 or higher

2. PC

OS : Windows 7 or later

3. Android Mobile phone

OS : 4.4 or higher

Transferring photos from your camera to your phone does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Communication between two devices can occur via Wi-Fi Direct, which is different. Therefore, you can transfer photos to your phone without Wi-Fi. You can go up to the “PREVIEW” stage without Wi-Fi. However, to upload your photo to the cloud server, you must have Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE. In this case, you may need to pay for the data use.
You do not need any network to take photos. You can take photos whenever you want. However, you need to have a wireless network when you try to upload your photos to the cloud. Take pictures anywhere you go, and upload the photos to the cloud when you are connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE network.
You can connect the camera to your PC with a cable. Download the “PC uploader” program atwww.meweclip.com
MEWECLIP uses the AWS (Amazon Web Service) Cloud server service. It cannot be connected to other cloud services automatically. You need to download the photos to your phone then move them to other storage.
Based on our policy, we give the user 10 GB of free AWS cloud storage for one year after initial registration. After one year, we reduce the storage to 3 GB. Even though we reduce your storage to 3 GB, we will not delete the photos that are already saved in the cloud without notice. We will send you a warning about reducing the storage then you can move the old photos to your preferred storage.