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Sending photos to your phone I

Send photos from your camera to your phone wirelessly.
Once your camera and phone connected, you can check the information below.

Sending photos to your phone II

The routine of receiving pictures on iPhone is different from that of Android.
There are more steps to go through due to the Apple’s security policy.

  • Unlike Android phone, you need to set up the network manually on the iPhone.
  • When you start the photo transmission, you will see a pop-up message with a password for connecting MEWECLIP network.
  • Please remember the given password to input in the network setting.
  • You need to input the password only one time.
  • Clicking “OK” will take you to the setup pages.

Sending photos to your phone III

Go to Wi-Fi setting page. If you do not see the Wi-Fi setting menu, scroll up/down to find it.

Go to the Wi-Fi settings and select “DIRECT–MEWECLIP XXXX” network to connect.

For the first time, when you connect to “DIRECT-MEWECLIP XXXX” network, you will be required to input a password. Once you input the password, the phone will remember it.

Click the MEWECLIP network and input the given password, the MEWECLIP network is now linked up and ready to receive photos from the camera. You will see an additional message under the MEWECLIP network name, saying, “No Internet connection.” Just ignore this message and continue to the next step. Lastly, click the “MEWECLIP” menu along the top left of the display.

Sending photos to your phone IV

After the Wi-Fi setup, the transmission of the photos is automatic.