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Walk Through message

This message will help you to pair your MEWECLIP camera with your phone. Follow the guide in the message box to connect your devices.

To use MEWECLIP service, the Bluetooth should be turned on.

To use location information of the photos, the GPS should be turned on.

You can see the message box only one time. After closing the message box, it will not appear any more.

Connecting devices
– by scanning the QR code

Scan the QR code on the back of your MEWECLIP camera. Your camera and cell phone will pair at once.

Connecting devices – by Bluetooth pairing

Press the power button on the camera five times sequentially, then click the “Search” button on the app.

Your phone will search nearby MEWECLIP cameras and register one. Click the name of camera on the list.

Your devices are now connected.

Go to the “Home” page.

After connecting your devices, click on the bottom.

Try to take photos manually. Tap 2 times on any place of the camera and a RED LED will blink one time and will take one photo.

Press the power button twice; then the RED LED will be on. The recording will last for the preset recording time. If you care to finish recording, simply press the power button one time.

Now you are ready to use the App.