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Power On/Off

led_greenPower On

Press the power button until the GREEN LED is turned on. (You will hear a sound, too) The GREEN LED will be on for around 15 seconds during the booting and will turn itself off. The MEWECLIP camera is now ready to use.

led_redPower Off

Press the power button until the RED LED is turned on. (You will hear a sound) The RED LED will blink when the power is turned off.

Checking the battery

You can check the remaining battery life by clicking on the power button. The different colors of the LED indicate the charge level of the battery.

led_greenOver 70% charged

30~70% charged

led_redLess than 30% charged

Manual Shooting mode

Manual photo shooting

Tap the front or the side of the camera 2 times. This will turn the Orange LED on. The photo shoot can commence once the LED turns itself off.

Video recording

Press the power button 2 times. The Orange LED will start to blink. After the blinking, the recording will start with the RED LED on for a preset recording time. To stop recording, press the power button one time.